Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cover reveal: IXEOS by Jennings Wright

Cover designed by Glendon Haddix at Streetlight Graphics

IXEOS by Jennings Wright

The McClellands are enjoying a lazy summer vacation at the beach when they are lured from our world into Ixeos, an alternate Earth. Finding themselves lost in a maze of tunnels under Paris and surrounded by strangers, they discover that they have been brought to Ixeos for one purpose:  to take the planet back from humanoid aliens who have claimed it. With the aid of the tunnels and a mysterious man named Landon, the teens travel the world seeking the key that will allow them to free Darian, the long-imprisoned rebel leader.

The aliens aren't the only problem on Ixeos -- the McClellands have to deal with brutal gangs, desperate junkies, and a world without power, where all the technology is owned by the aliens, and where most of the population has been killed or enslaved.

The worst part? There's no way home.

Author Bio:

 Born and raised in Rockledge, Florida, Jennings spent her early years reading anything she could get her hands on, when she wasn't spending time in and on the water. She won a prize in the 6th grade for her science fiction stories.

Jennings attended the University of the South and the University of Tampa, graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, and almost enough credits for B.A.s in both English and History. She spent time over the years doing various kinds of script doctoring, business writing, editing, and teaching writing, but mostly having and raising her family, homeschooling her children, owning and running a business with her husband, and starting a non-profit to Uganda.

Thanks to a crazy idea called NaNoWriMo Jennings got back into creative writing in 2011 and hasn't stopped since. She's written four novels and a screenplay in less than a year, with more ideas on the drawing board. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, also a writer, and two children, and travels extensively

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Cover reveal: The Mirror of the Moon by Travis Simmons

Book Cover Designed by the Author

Book Details:

The Mirror of the Moon by Travis Simmons

With the death of one of the companions, Grace must answer for the secrets she’s kept. The path before them is ever lengthening in their quest for Amber. There are changes they all must face, and when Joya enters her trials of sorcery, danger lurks around every corner. The power within Angelica and Jovian is strengthening and with it comes confusion. What are they? It is painfully obvious nothing like them has ever existed before. Why is it at times they seem more one person than two separate people? With all the mystery surrounding their latent power, Angelica stumbles upon a passage in a book of sorcery indicating she is evil. Could she be the Mask prophecy speaks of? Is she destined to turn against her own flesh? To make matters worse, the Well of Wyrding (a giant well that controls all sorcery) has been breached and wyrd itself is spiraling into chaos.

Author Bio:

I have always been a do-it-yourselfer. I haven’t had any formal education on writing, and I haven’t been raised around writer types. For that matter, I wasn’t even encouraged to read when I was a kid, even though plenty of people in my family read. When I was a teenager, I discovered Cliff’s Notes on Mythology, and it sparked something in me. It was like a floodgate had been opened, and all of these stories started rushing in. I would get ideas at random times, and I would jot them down. I have a pretty big file system of everything I have ever written. Someday I will get to them and put them all into electronic files. There is some good material in there, but there are a lot of bad stories too.
I started writing when I was thirteen or fourteen. At an early age I was already writing books of Saracin (the world The Bonds of Blood takes place in). The first book I wrote of that place was “The Calling of the Two” (not yet released). While I was writing that, I kept thinking of these characters Jovian and Angelica. I knew they had a part to play in the storyline, but they weren’t going to be in the same series. For that matter, they weren’t even going to be in the same age. As I finished the first draft of “The Calling of the Two” I went on to write the first book of Angelica and Jovian’s story. At that time it was The Mirror of the Moon. Later an editor told me it was so massive that I should make the one volume into two, and so The Bonds of Blood was born, and The Revenant Wyrd Saga went from a planned three to six.
That story has taken many forms until now, and I am sure if I didn’t declare that it was “done” it could continue to transform.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stacey Rourke swag pack giveaway!!

 Giveaway time!!

Hi everyone! It's time for another giveaway!! This time I have some goodies from Stacey Rourke author of the Gryphon series. In honor of the upcoming release of Sacrifice. Sacrifice will be the third book in this amazing series. (see my blog post below for my review of The conduit book 1 in the series)
This giveaway will include a bottle cap pin with the cover of Sacrifice, an anchor group publishing wrist band, and a signed poster of the cover of Sacrifice!! 
Please comment below to be entered to win. I will choose a winner 3-1-13 via And PLEASE please share this with your friends. 
Thanks and good luck!!

visit Stacey Rourke's website

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Conduit by Stacey Rourke

Celeste is a normal 18 year old girl with two siblings and dreams of going to college in the fall. This summer though she and her sister and brother will be spending their summer with their grandmother. Things haven’t been the same for their family since their father died and then there were several break-ins at their home, but some time with their spunky grandmother is just what the doctor ordered.
Until weird things start happening and suddenly things get really dangerous. Celeste learns that they descended from an ancient line of warriors with special powers. They have to work together to keep fight the evil Barnabus.Working together though may prove harder than they thought.

This was a fun read. I enjoyed the spunky grandmother and Celeste was the amazingly strong glue that held her family together after her father’s tragic death. Her brother and sister offered some comic relief when things started to get too serious. I liked to watch their sibling bond deepen as they discovered their powers and helped each other learn to use them. This story line was unique to all the other supernatural books out there. It was a fun new take on mythology and I would definitely recommend it to the fans of James Patterson’s maximum ride series. Amazing read!!

Get your copy of The Conduit by Stacey Rourke in paperback or kindle edition today!