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The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard with a giveaway!

Title: The Forgotten Ones
Author: Laura Howard
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Series: The Danaan Trilogy #1
Published: April 28, 2013

Allison O'Malley's plan is to go to grad school so she can get a good job and take care of her schizophrenic mother. She has carefully closed herself off from everything else, including a relationship with Ethan, who she's been in love with for as long as she can remember.

What is definitely not part of the plan is the return of her long-lost father, who claims he can bring Allison's mother back from the dark place her mind has gone. Allison doesn't trust her father, so why would she believe his stories about a long forgotten Irish people, the Tuatha de Danaan? But truths have a way of revealing themselves. Secrets will eventually surface. And Allison must learn to set aside her plan and work with her father if there is even a small chance it could restore her mother's sanity.

Laura Howard lives in New Hampshire with her husband and four children. Her obsession with books began at the age of 6 when she got her first library card. Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and other girly novels were routinely devoured in single sittings. Books took a backseat to diapers when she had her first child. It wasn’t until the release of a little novel called Twilight, 8 years later, that she rediscovered her love of fiction. Soon after, her own characters began to make themselves known. The Forgotten Ones is her first published novel.

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Net Riders by Giorgio Mariano

Net Riders Cover

Adventure/science fiction novel for middle graders.

Synopsis: When Zane and Megan crack the Secnet, they stumble across Project Net Rider. It’s an awesome Cyber Warfare program with a virtual netbike to infiltrate any computer in the new global network. But the software is dangerous—and in the wrong hands—capable of unlimited destruction. So when the notorious Haxta steals a copy, the entire world is threatened. And the two hackers have to risk everything to stop him.

About the Author
 Giorgio MarinoGiorgio Marino has degrees in Engineering and Business and has worked in Technical, Sales and Marketing roles all over Australia. He has travelled extensively around the world to research his novels, and now lives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife and two young children. His main interests are reading, writing, movies, illustrating, web design, travel and of course, exploring playgrounds. He writes full time and when not running after children, is working on a new novel. Net Riders is his first published book.

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Skin Deep by Megan D. Martin

Title:  Skin Deep
Author:  Megan D. Martin
Series:  #1 of The Eternal Forces
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher:  Dragonfairy Press
Expected Release Date:   November 2013

What would you do to have the body of your dreams?

Kiera hates being overweight and hides behind thick layers of clothing. One night, her friends present an opportunity that seems impossible to believe. With a single spell, she can have the thin physique she's always coveted.

But all magic comes with a price: no sex or she'll revert back to her old body. Kiera accepts the cost. It's not like she has men lined up at her door. Obeying this one tiny rule isn't difficult at all—until the night she meets Cain, a were-tiger and a soldier with the Eternal Forces.

When a slew of unexplained murders forces Kiera and Cain together, they'll have to face the horrors of their pasts. Will Kiera realize she is worth more than her outward appearance? Or will she make the wrong the choice and lose everything—including her life?

My Review

This book was not what I expected. From the cover and even the synopsis, I was not expecting the intense sexual frustration that this story provided and the paranormal twist that had me reeling.  Keira longed for a thin body at a size 18, she felt that she would never attract any attention from the opposite sex and be alone forever. She was afraid though because there was a man from her past that hurt her. Literally. He stabbed her in a jealous rage. He’s long dead now, but Keira still fears that the past will come back to hurt her. Then one night her best friends bring a gypsy that can see her inner beauty and is willing to make her outside match. Keira is skeptical, but she agrees and the gypsy delivers. There is one condition though: If she has sex, her new body will vanish and she will be big again. She felt this was an acceptable term. Then she meets Cain and does he ever make her sorry for agreeing to that. He is sex personified and she has her work cut out for her, but can she resist, or will she lose it all?

This book was so good at making you feel the need, the desire and the intense frustration the characters felt. Going into this story I was really expecting a very different kind of story. I was pleasantly surprised. I love shifter novels and this one was a good one! It had suspense, mystery, romance, and a smokin hot main character. Cain makes you want to jump in the book to get a closer look. Wow. Great book! I give it 5 stars!

About the Author
Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student and editor. In her spare time she enjoys decorating her house with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks.

You can find Megan on pretty much every social networking site that exists.

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Ryder's Last Run byRose Dewallvin & Bonnie Hardman

 Ryder’s Last Run – Dueling Dragons MC Series Book Two
Authors: Rose Dewallvin & Bonnie Hardman
Genre: Erotica/Romance

**18+ due to sexual situations & violence**
Book is over 75,000 words

Ryder thought this last run was going to be simple, but little did he know that what was about to happen would not only test him but test the whole Dueling Dragons MC.
Follow along with the MC and Ryder as they pinned brother against brother, leader against leader and lastly lover against lover. Will Ryder find his way out of this to get back to Faith? Or will he be left to ride alone again...

She takes off the ear buds and throws her legs over the side of the bed. She slips on her shoes, gets up off the bed, and walks toward me. Her head is down and she looks defeated. I pull her into my arms. “Baby, I am so sorry. I need you. Please walk with me. We need to talk this out.” She doesn’t say anything, just nods. I step back away from her, lean in and kiss her forehead, then grab her by the hand and lead her outside.
It looks like it might rain. The clouds are darkening up and the wind has picked up some. I have a tight hold on Faith’s hand. We walk along in silence. She occasionally glances up toward me but she isn’t talking. I pray this is reparable. I can’t imagine my life without her, although I approached it the wrong way yesterday. I dropped everything on her and not in a good way. I was hurting inside, and felt unable to cope with all of it. I don’t know if we can get back to where we once were, but I have to try. I have realized that Faith is my light, and my everything. It’s been a shitty time for me lately but she doesn’t deserve the worst of me.
It’s easy for me to fall into my own darkness and push those closest to me away. It’s what I do. When the shit reigns down on me, it’s a coping mechanism buried deep within my core.
We walk toward the back of the property; I stop and pull her close to me. I let my arms envelop her body. I breathe in deep and bury my nose in her hair. She smells so fresh and sweet. Her scent is so distinctive. I remember thinking of her scent when the Russians had me locked away from everyone. It kept me going. Thoughts of her kept me going. Now, here she is back in my arms, and I don’t know if she’s truly here with me or not. She hasn’t said much, I decide I need to come out and say it.
“Faith, you know I love you, right?” She doesn’t respond, but I feel her shudder in my arms. “Baby, please talk to me. I know I hurt you, but I acted in anger. I shouldn’t have been so cold and unfeeling. I’ve had so much happen.” I rest my chin on top of her head. “We need to work past this and move on, together. I have huge changes happening in my life and I need you by my side. You feel me, baby?” I kiss the top of her head, work my lips down to hers, and take her mouth with mine. She stiffens up on me. I know she’s still angry, but I continue to softly kiss her lips, willing her to open up to me.
The sky above opens up and the rain pelts down on us. She lets out a small scream and then a laugh. It’s music to my ears. I pull away from her, look into her eyes, and smile. She laughs again as the rain drenches us both. She breaks away from me, running around like a maniac. I love the sight of her silliness and innocence. It’s what drew me to her from the beginning. She’s a special girl, and she is mine. I don’t know why I deserve her, but my life would be a much darker place without her.

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The Line that Binds by JM Miller

TLTB Blog Tour Banner The Line that Binds Cover
Stained with heartache and cursed with vengeance, a stone well lies on a nineteenth-century estate, waiting for the Stockton line to wish again. 
When seventeen-year-old Lila Wayde's father loses his high-paying job in Las Vegas, the family relocates to a Pennsylvania estate bequeathed by an estranged aunt. Lila begins a new life there, one not corrupted by wealth and fake friends. She soon meets Ben, the groundskeeper's gritty grandson, and experiences the kind of happiness her life's been missing. But as she settles into the ancient house, she learns information about her ancestors and the old stone well that may make her wish she'd never come.
Ben Shadows has lost enough in life. So when Stockton Estate's owner, Janine, wills the land to her great-niece Lila, Ben fears for the fate of the property. He decides to find out Lila's intentions as the new owner, but his grandfather wants him to protect her from Stockton Estate's alleged curse. As Ben helps Lila dig through the estate's history, they grow closer than he ever intended. Now, along with concerns about the property and the reality of the curse, he struggles with feelings he can't ignore.
Will the secrets of Stockton Estate bring them together or will knowing the truth rip them apart?
**Recommended mature YA for mild language and mild sexual content**
Excerpt (Prologue)
September, 1864 Chilly night air breezed through the bedroom window. Dahlia slid the patched quilt she'd stitched together years ago from her body, welcoming the cool draft. A wooden lantern hung beside the door, its flame weak and dim. But the moon's hazy glow compensated for the dull flame nicely, brightening the otherwise darkened room. The soft light pressed into a crack in the window's pane, projecting sparkles along the wall like hundreds of brilliant diamonds. She watched them for a while, wishing she was staring at a real one upon her finger. Dahlia turned onto her side and ran her hand along the curve of Charles' back, spreading her fingers over his relaxed muscles. He groaned in his sleep, a sound she'd heard many times before. She pressed her lips to the narrow line between his shoulder blades and smiled against his skin. She wanted to hear his sleepy sighs again; she longed to hear them forever. With him in her bed this night, the possibility remained. Charles stirred, rolling onto his back, stretching his arms wide. She took advantage and pressed her body to him, draping her arm over his chest and nuzzling into his side. His arm folded around her, stroking her skin with his calloused fingers, sending shivers through her body. "I love you," Dahlia whispered and pressed tiny kisses down his chest. Charles' body jerked, waking fully and taking in his surroundings. He glanced down at Dahlia tucked under his arm. His eyes softened and the corners of his lips tipped down. "I have to go," he said, sitting up and moving to the edge of the bed to don his pants. Dahlia tucked the quilt around her, feeling the night air's bite for the first time without Charles' warmth beside her. But the air wasn't the only reason for the chill. She now had his final answer. He was leaving. "Please," she begged softly. "If it's about your father, we can flee. We can go together to the north, or out west." "And you'd leave your mother alone to care for my family?" Charles asked, buttoning his pants while he peered out the open window. The moon's fragile light glinted over the strands of his dark black hair. She noticed its growth and remembered the last time she'd cut if for him. "She'll call upon my aunt so she won't be alone for long. She loves your family," Dahlia replied, wrapping the quilt around her body as she stood behind him. Charles' gaze moved around the property. No one was awake yet to tend the gardens or work the fields. All was quiet─maybe quiet enough for him to forget. Dahlia watched his eyes look to the well, recalling last year when he'd returned to her after the war. She'd helped him set the very stones now shadowed by the night. She ran her hand up his shoulder, thinking back to that time when his promise was for forever.  Charles' shoulders fell with a sigh as he shifted his view to the new mansion his father had built as a wedding gift. He turned back to the bed and grabbed his shirt. "You know I can't do this, Lia. I'm to wed Sarah tomorrow. It's expected of me." Charles pulled his shirt on and stepped into his boots. "Stop," Dahlia said as Charles moved to the door. She tightened the quilt around her body, aching to go back an hour before when her body was covered only by him. Careful not to make a noise that would wake her mother down the hall, she moved closer and tugged his shirt.   "You love me. Not her." Charles slid out of her grasp and removed the lantern from its peg then traveled down the stairs. Dahlia followed, the quilt dragging at her feet as she stepped onto the dirt floor of the cellar. "You can't do this, Charles. I love you. I want to be with you." "We can't be together, Lia." His eyes darted back to her, narrowed with pain and fear. He slid a long lock of her wavy brown hair off her shoulder and mumbled, "I shouldn't have come tonight. I was mistaken and I'm sorry." He pushed the wooden door open, holding the lantern toward the tunnel that led to the main house─Stockton House. "We can never do this again. I love her. Not you," he said. His green eyes went cold then, like they'd never told the truth before, like they'd never see the truth again. Dahlia freed one hand from the quilt and slapped it hard against his cheek. The sting echoed up her arm, returning all the pain to her heart. "You're lying. I know you love me!" she cried and stepped closer to him. She turned his body with one hand and pulled his face to hers with the other, dropping the quilt to her feet. Charles remained still as Dahlia pressed her lips to his wounded cheek. Her gentle kisses traveled along his face until they met his lips, where the kiss grew urgent with want, with love. He responded, gripping her waist with his empty hand and pressing her between himself and the earthen wall. His hand clung to her bare skin as his mouth claimed hers with enough desire to haunt her for a lifetime. Tears flowed from Dahlia's dark eyes as his kiss began to fade. Charles looked down at her and backed away. "Wait!" Dahlia demanded, thrusting her body against his and looping her arms around his neck. "No, Dahlia," Charles replied sternly, shoving her body away. "I will not let you leave me," she said and moved close to him again, running her hands up his chest, her eyes pleading with his. He scowled and whipped the back of his hand across her soft face. "You will know your place from here on, Dahlia." She crumpled to her knees in front of him, cradling her cheek. "My place is no longer here," she said, her voice a mere whimper. "Whether you stay or go, I will be married. And this will never happen again," Charles said gruffly, turning toward the door. "I will never forget you," she said as she wept. It was not a pledge to him, but a harsh reality. She knew the memory would be the curse that lived with her forever.  The light of the room faded as the lantern's halo disappeared down the passageway. Darkness consumed the room, accompanied by the sound of quiet sobs and the smell of wood and soil. And when her tears ran dry, no longer burning misery into her skin, Dahlia rose up. She vowed her curse wouldn't be alone. She knew she would never forget, but she would make sure his family never remembered.     

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  Meet the Author
JM Miller Author Pic   J.M. Miller first discovered her love of writing in high school where she penned poetry for extra credit in English class and even braved the anxiety of an open-mic night at a local coffee shop. Life soon followed, with a couple of careers, marriage, and a baby. The urge to write again came not long after her daughter's birth, this time calling for more than a few lines in a messy composition notebook. She is a military spouse, and a veteran herself, who finds inspiration in the people she's met and the places she's lived and traveled.    

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Home for the Holidays by Lori Toland

Home for the Holidays
Lori Toland

Book 2 - The Replacement Guitarist Series


Jason Stockton and Blaze Shinozuka are looking forward to escaping their hectic rock and roll lifestyle for a relaxing holiday. Their plan seems promising, and the passion between them burns hotter than ever as they keep each other warm despite the icy temperatures.

When a surprise Stockton family get-together threatens to reveal what Jason would rather keep hidden, their budding relationship is put to the test and an impromptu trip to Hawaii makes the differences between them more obvious than ever.

Thanks to two chaotic family holidays and a lot of painful secrets, Christmas could end up being more than their new found love can endure.
Favorite Quote:
Jason held out his hand. “Take it and if I let go, I promise it won’t be for long.”
When Blaze reached the street, a horse drawn carriage like the ones he’d seen in Central Park was parked in front of the restaurant. Jason gestured for him to get in and he cocked his eyebrow. “A horse-drawn carriage. Really?”

Jason grinned. “I’ve always wanted to go on one but I’ve never had the chance to.”

“You’re kidding, right? A hot guy like you couldn’t rope a date into going with you?” Blaze teased.

Jason ducked his head. “There wasn’t anyone I wanted to take with me before you.”

Blaze grinned, honored by the gesture. “Really? Well, then I feel special.”

Jason got in and offered his hand to Blaze to help him into the carriage. Blaze smiled, getting in and settling down onto the leather seats. “Are you sure it’s okay for us to do this?”

Jason frowned. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

Blaze shrugged as Jason settled into the seat next to him. The driver gave her order to the horses and they set off. Once the carriage rolling smoothly, she glanced over her shoulder at them. “There are some wool blankets if you need them. It’s supposed to snow tonight.”

Jason reached for them but Blaze caught his hand. “I’m allergic to wool, Jase. Besides, I don’t think I need it. My coat is lined.”

Jason leaned over and whispered, “I think she told us that so we could snuggle under the blanket.”

“Oh… well, in that case….” Blaze grinned, and when Jason pulled back and returned the smile, a thrill of happiness ran through him. Jason threaded their fingers together, and tucked the blanket around their bodies, being careful so it didn’t touch Blaze’s bare skin.

Blaze looked around at the buildings as they made their way toward Central Park, the hoofbeat of the horses creating a rhythm of its own. Jason squeezed his hand through his lined gloves, and he looked over at his lover. “Having fun?”

Blaze nodded. “Are you?”

Jason reached up with his other hand and cupped Blaze’s cheek. “Yeah.”

He smiled as Jason leaned in. Their lips met in a gentle, unhurried kiss and when he pulled back, Jason trailed his gloved thumb over Blaze’s cheek. He leaned in again, and this time he slid his tongue in to meet Jason’s, and he moved closer to his partner.

Blaze felt something against his cheek, and he reached up to brush it away with his finger. Nothing could distract him right now, not when Jason sucked on his bottom lip gently. Blaze sighed softly, and reached beneath the thick material of Jason’s jacket to pull him close.

Something else brushed against his cheek. It must have been his hair and he tried to make a mental note to get a haircut, though Jason drove away the thought with another kiss. He felt the sensation again, and he pulled away from his boyfriend to brush the strands out of his face.

Jason opened his eyes a fraction but Blaze barely noticed. Snowflakes stood stark white against Jason’s dark curls before they melted. He grinned. “Jase, look! It’s snowing.”

Jason looked toward the sky and his smile took Blaze’s breath away. When Jason looked back, his eyes were shining as the snowflakes melted along his impossibly long eyelashes. “Perfect,” Jason said softly.

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About the Author

Lori Toland 


twitter username   loritoland    

genre   Romance, Gay & Lesbian, Ebooks   
CEO by day, erotic romance writer by night, Lori Toland somehow finds time to play video games and watch movies while taking care of her cats and husband. I'm also a secret cat.

Visit Lori's web site at or e-mail her at

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Unholy Nights Release day!!

For folks who like their Christmas a little twisted, seven tales of charms and magic, curses and intrigue...
Featuring novellas from popular authors Linda Barlow, Andra Brynn, Carly Carson, Alana Albertson, Kara Ashley Dey, Nicole Blanchard and Cherie Chulick.
Snap up this Christmas collection and spice up those frigid winter nights with a great story at an irresistible price. Seven riveting romances by award winning authors for $0.99. The perfect gift for you favorite bookworm. (Regular price: $4.99)
Releases December 2, 2013 at your favorite retailer in ebook and print.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss by Linda Barlow

It's Christmastide, but Holly Mathers can't seem to get into the spirit. She's been obsessing for weeks over a hook-up gone wrong with the hot, green-eyed Will MacIvey, who's treating her like the ghost of Christmas past. When she and her roommate are invited to a Winter Solstice celebration by their faculty advisor, Holly is thrilled to learn that Will is going to the party. Holly's roommate has procured a sprig of enchanted mistletoe that she plans to use to steal a kiss from the sexy professor. When she chickens out, Holly decides to try the spell on Will, hoping that a kiss under the mistletoe will remind him of the steamy night he seems to have forgotten. But magic always comes with a price...
About the Author
lindaLinda Barlow lives in New England with her mysterious spouse (who sleeps during the day, which has often made her wonder if he's a vampire) and their equally enigmatic and nocturnal cat.

In the Bleak Midwinter by Andra Brynn

Synopsis In the bleak midwinter... With no money and nowhere to go, Ayla MacFarlane's first midwinter break from college returns her to the decaying house she grew up in--and to the shadow of her father, whose perverse obsession with her made her years there a misery. Now under her father's control again, Ayla knows that if she leaves once more it will only be a matter of time before their father turns his sights to her little sister Julia... "There's a boy in the woods..." But the hunted are not always without protection. While Ayla has been away, Julia has made friends with a mysterious boy in the woods that surround their property. Certain he is up to no good, Ayla sets out to confront him, only to find a beautiful young man who speaks in riddles and makes her heart race. What is stranger is that he knows things no human should know, and he tells Ayla that he can help her...for a price. The hunt is on... As the solstice nears, the time of reckoning is at hand. Will Ayla have the courage to reclaim all her father stole from her and protect her little sister, or will she be be a slave to her fear, and lose her chance to save herself forever? About the Author andraI write books. Obsessively. And I read books. Not quite as obsessively as I'd like, since there are all these books I have to write, you see. One day I will take a book vacation and do nothing but read my TBR list. Contact Facebook | Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Love Charm for Dakota by Carly Carson

Nantucket is the home of hedge fund titans, old money and hidebound tradition. Habits are comfortable, and the habits of the rich are very comfortable. Into Cabot Saltonstall's sedate world blows Dakota Bishop, possessor of a wild spirit and a magical love charm. Cabot's blue-blood family history includes an ancestor who resigned from the Salem Witch trials, because he refused to believe in witchcraft. But Cabot is all too willing to be bewitched. Dakota can't stay still long enough for anyone to tie her down, nor is Cabot the right kind of guy for her. If only he'd have sex with her so she could get him out of her system. Why does he need to be so traditional with his emotions and plans for the future? Does she know enough of witchcraft to overcome the spell of the accidentally cast love charm? About the Author carly Carly lives near Nantucket Island, where the Christmas Stroll is an annual event. Having found her own Prince Charming at a young age, she's never needed a love charm, but please join her as she tells the tales of other women who've used a bit of magic to find true love. Facebook | Website | Twitter | Goodreads

The Snow Queen by Alana Albertson

Five years ago, Cambridge Ballet's Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier vanished after performing The Nutcracker. Despite extensive city and statewide searches, no traces of them, besides their ballet slippers, were ever found. Every year since, another member of the cast has gone missing after closing night: the Mouse King, an Arabian Dancer, The Dew Drop Fairy, a Flower. Nieves Alba, who as a thirteen-year-old played Clara in the first ill-fated performance, is now cast as the Snow Queen. On closing night, every police officer in Boston surrounds the theater, determined to catch the perpetrator whom they’ve dubbed “The Nutcracker.” Can Nieves break the curse or will she be the next victim of America's favorite ballet?
About the Author alana Alana Albertson never was fortunate to get cast as the snow queen though she did play the soldier. She has extensive collections of snow globes and nutcrackers but none of them have ever been enchanted. Contact Facebook | Website | Twitter | Goodreads

How Lovely Your Branches by Kara Ashley Dey

Synopsis Recluse, Katie Crowe, has observed the world from a window in her father's loveless house. With the death of her father and the departure of her only friend, Katie sees no point in venturing out. Then a new neighbor and his three female companions take up residence across the road in the very house her friend had vacated four months ago. Gabe's eyes hold a promise to Katie when she gazes into them--a way out of her lonely prison, if she could but step beyond her threshold. Something holds her back: Though the past and its people seem far from her now, the trees still know her haunting secret. About the Author karaKara Ashley Dey is a writer of UF and Sci-Fi Romance. Her alter ego is an abbynormal cg artist. Contact Facebook | Website | Twitter | Goodreads

The Perfect Gift by Nicole Blanchard

Synopsis Sera Flaherty would rather take lumps of coal and be committed to the naughty list for life than admit that she has a role to play in her failing marriage. She deludes her way into a negative bank balance and is left with no chance of getting her husband Spencer a present. When faced with the reality of their relationship, Sera finds she's willing to sacrifice anything to fix her mistakes and find her husband the perfect gift...even if doing will cost more than she bargained for. About the Author
9Nicole Blanchard loves receiving gifts from strangers so long as they don't come with an ominous warning or risk of dismemberment. She also enjoys taking full advantage of the fringe benefits of being on the naughty list in her spare time. Contact
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Until the Twelfth Night by Cherie Chulick

Synopsis Lady Elizabeth Darling has fled her overbearing family to spend the holidays with her late husband’s Aunt at Scarsbury Manor in the hills of Herefordshire. What she hoped would be a quiet Christmas quickly turns upside down as strange sightings begin to stack up and rumors fly that the great house is haunted. She tries to stay out of the drama, but when a young maid who also lost her lover in tragic circumstances asks for her help to move forward she drops everything to come to her aid. With age old traditions underway and a diverse guest list including the handsome and outspoken Captain Wolfe on the premises, can Lady Elizabeth heal both their hearts and find love before it’s too late? About the Author
cherieCherie Chulick will not be spending her Christmas holiday at a haunted manor, but she does keep an eye out for the occasional ghost. Fortunately the glow of her Kindle seems to keep them at bay.
Facebook | Goodreads

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Release day! Alive by Megan D. Martin

Title: Alive (Crave, #1)
Author: Megan D. Martin
Genre: New Adult Post-Apocalyptic Interracial Romance
Release Date: November 22, 2013

Flesh-eating zombies, dirty sex, and a shattered past…
What’s more dangerous—the man who broke her heart or those trying to eat it?

Fighting to survive, Eve finds herself alone in the world after the Crave—the only parallel of her former life. On the hunt for her sister, she runs into Gage—the first and only boy to have her heart and break it. It’s been four years and he isn’t a boy anymore, nor is he the same person he used to be. Against her better judgment, Eve agrees to stay with him when he divulges information on a safe haven near the small town they grew up in—but that doesn’t mean she has to like it…

Returning home elicits a myriad of emotions that both Eve and Gage thought they had buried. The past and present collide and they are forced to the face bitter deceits that ruined them in the before and threaten to destroy them now…

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Book Trailer
About Megan:

Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student and editor. In her spare time she enjoys decorating her house with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks. To learn more about Megan, check her out on these social networking sites.


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Ascension by Stacey Rourke


From best selling and award winning author Stacey Rourke comes the heart-pounding continuation of the acclaimed Gryphon Series.

The turning point of the Gryphon saga is at hand …

Battle looms. Three unstoppable forces prepare to clash in a colossal explosion that could wipe Gainesboro off the map. Fate and sacred calling have landed nineteen year old Celeste Garrett in the middle with nowhere to run.

Her trust wavers as she uncovers dark secrets of the Council, powerful enough to test her loyalty and turn her against those she swore to protect. Playing to the longing of her heart, a malevolent enemy uses her weakness against her to form an alliance.

With the trumpets of war about to sound, which side will the Conduit choose, and who will be left standing?


Somewhere between sleep and awake he came to me. The mattress shifted under his weight as he settled in beside me.
Warm breath teased against my ear. “I could ne’er leave you, lovey.”
His wandering hands gripped my waist and rolled me to face him. This warbled land governed by sleep couldn’t conjure his whole essence—too much time had passed for that. Instead it teased me with glimpses of what I’d been missing; silky hair caressing my cheek. Hot kisses traveling down my neck. Emerald eyes filled with an insatiable hunger. The sensual awakening that jolted through me when his mouth found mine.   
“I’m always with you,” Caleb whispered against my lips.
I twined my arms around his neck and pulled him closer; a move that garnered a low groan of appreciation. His hands roamed up my arms and encircled my wrists. In a sudden, shockingly violent, move he forced them down against the mattress and pinned me there.
I gaped in confusion as green eyes blinked to sapphire blue. His seductive stare twisted into visible disgust and hatred. Like ink dumped from a bottle, the black drained from Caleb’s hair. The dripping color leaked away to reveal long strawberry blond hair ponytailed at the nape of his neck. Alec. Not the latest version of him currently possessed by a three-hundred-year-old demon, but the Alec I first met whilst rolling a tire. The carefree boy I had started to fall for before fate intervened. Yet the look that darkened his gaze was more murderous than welcoming. I thrashed and bucked beneath him but couldn’t seem to summon one iota of strength. His grip on my wrists tightened to the point of pain.
“Is he worth it?” he hissed in my face. “Is he worth the blood on your hands?”
Crimson red blood bubbled up Alec’s throat. It seeped between his teeth and dribbled down his chin. “Will he still want you when he knows what you’ve done and what it cost?”  
Squeezing my eyes shut, I cringed further into the mattress as blood rained down. The warm stickiness, with its pungent rusty smell, dripped on my face and soaked my shirt. 
I risked a glance up to see Alec’s lips curl in an evil grin. “Now, how ‘bout a kiss?”
He bowed his head and crammed his blood soaked lips to mine. My muffled scream quickly turned into a gurgled gasp for air as I fought not to drown in this crimson hell.


My Review:

Book 4 of the Gryphon series starts with a creepy dream that Celeste has. The story picks up where it left off in book 3 and like in the other books, the action doesn’t stop. The Garret family has new joys, and new obstacles in the fight against evil. But in this one Celeste learns how it all started and has to wonder if she is fighting for the right side.  

This series is one of the best action adventure series’ I have read since the Maximum ride series. It keeps you on your toes and each book has new surprises in store for the conduit of the Gryphon and her family. I tore through this book in a couple of days and I thoroughly enjoyed the exciting continuation of the Conduit saga. I give this another 5 stars and am very eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. Write faster Stacey! Or at least give us a novella to tide us over. :)


With the release of Ascension comes the newest edition of the entire series, complete with amazing illustrations of these dynamic characters. Here’s a sample:

Illustrator Crystal Ord will be bringing some of your favorite Gryphon Series characters to life! 

Crystal Smalls Ord is a freelance illustrator and writer who resides in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Her art and stories have appeared in the macabre children's lit magazine, Underneath the Juniper Tree. Last year she illustrated her first children's book, Ethan's Story; My Life with Autism which can be found on Her art has also appeared in's musical short, Madamoiselle Noir.

In her free time Crystal plays with her kids, cleans house, teaches music in Sunday School, and lingers in the geekery corner of Pinterest.

Contact her at:




The demonic and fantasy elements of the Conduit’s journey will jump off the page thanks to Robert Immings;

In 2000 Robert Immings graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a BFA in graphic design. Since then he’s done work in package design, web development and designed training applications and software interfaces. These days he’s a mild-mannered operations technician with an electronic trading firm in Alpharetta Georgia. Earlier this.year he had a chance to enter Sony's "Treasures of Middle Earth" design contest which was a promotion for the hobbit movie. He came in as a runner-up. More recently he had the opportunity to do some sketches and collaborate on the cover for Emily Fogel's wonderful fantasy novel Dragon Wars and created the cover for her soon to be released book "Chasing Flames". Right now he’s excited to be working on a collection of illustrations for Stacey Rourke's Gryphon Series.

He’s always interested in illustration and graphic design projects and can be contacted at


There is nothing worse than being put on the spot and asked to talk about yourself. For me it
brings back that inevitable moment in a new school when the teacher would ask me to stand up, introduce myself and tell the class something about myself. I was always worried I would blurt out something stupid that I would get teased for. Something like, “My name’s Stacey and I like pickles!” Then for the rest of the school year I’d be known as the Pickle Girl and let’s be honest, no one wants that. So to avoid such a faux pas I will simply say that I love to write. It allows me to get my crazy out just enough that I can function as a normal member of society.

Best selling award winning author of the Laugh-out Loud Gryphon Series and the nonfiction book I'm Not Crazy I'm on Lupron; a Journey Through Infertility. Learn more about Stacey's books at or If you are a blogger or reviewer interested in reviewing any of Mrs. Rourke's work please contact her publicist Sara O’Connor at info(AT) gliterarygirlmedia(DOT)com