Friday, September 21, 2012

Me? A writer? Nah

Recently I have had more than one person suggest that I try to be a writer. And my first thought was Me? A Writer? I'm a reader, not a writer. But I think about it sometimes and wonder if I really could do it. I mean doesn't it sound like the perfect job for a stay at home mom? Write in the morning before the kids get up. And again at nap time and any spare minute I can find through out the day. It sounds perfect, but right now I don't have many spare moments. I mean you should see my kitchen floor. I can hardly find the time to sweep and mop. And forget about my kids letting me sit and pound out a few thousand words. Ha! Right now I am pushing my two year old off my lap so I can just finish this sentence.
I won't lie. I think I would like to write something, but can I? I guess I'll never know till I try.

1 comment:

  1. Oh give it a try!! Even if you get out a few hundred words a day, eventually you'll have something!