Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Ethan Waite has been having terrible dreams about a girl he can't seem to save. He can't understand why the dreams haunt his sleep. Then suddenly he meets her, the girl from his dreams. As he falls for this mystery girl he gets tangled up in a world of things he never imagined possible. But can his love for her be enough to save her?

I finished Beautiful Creatures last night. It's the book my book club is reading for our February meeting. I liked this book. I give it a solid 4 stars. I couldn't give it 5 because it just took me so long to get interested in it. For the first 400 or so pages I only picked it up because I "had" to read it. I just felt as if nothing interesting was really happening. Then the school dance scene was the one that really hooked me. From there I couldn't put it down. There was a sweet love story woven into this scenario that only seemed like it would end badly. The authors really did save the big climax for the end, but it was really good. I will probably go out and get the next book soon ( I just hope the others aren't so long).
I am excited to see the movie with my book club.

Beautiful Creatures is available in paperback and kindle format on Amazon.
Visit the Beautiful Creatures website.

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  1. Ive tried reading it a few times and kept putting it down. I will try reading it again since i know it picks up somewhere. Thanks for the review