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Sage Hannigan: Time Warper series by Peggy Martinez

I first stumbled upon Peggy Martinez on Facebook and read her zombie novella series called State of Decay. After I read part one I knew I was hooked on this author. Her female lead characters are strong and independent, but they don't discount the fact that even strong women can benefit from some love in their life. 

Take Melody Carter from State of Decay. She survived two years on her own, IN THE WOODS!, after the zombie apocalypse. Her weapon of choice is a 12" double edged recon blade. She's pretty bad ass, but when she meets the man of her dreams, she realizes that love in the messed up world she lives in isn't something that happens every day.

That's just one example of the sweet, strong and totally headstrong characters that Peggy writes. I've read almost everything that she's written. Her zombie novella series State of Decay, Her ghost series Unnatural Occurrence, and the Time Warper Series. I have not read her sweet romance called Sweet Contradiction, but I will get to it! I suggest you all check her out. I seriously can't understand why she isn't on a bestseller list yet!! More people need to read her books and find out how awesome they are.

But this post is to tell you about the Time warper series that I just finished. This is the story of Sage Hannigan. (Isn't that a great name?). She finds out she's a time warper when she wakes one day in 1904. She then finds out she gets some amazing warper powers and she has to find and fix some tragedy that happened in 1904. But, no pressure, right? well she becomes a kick ass fighter and learns to harness her warper abilities. Here's a little about each book.


Eighteen-year-old Sage Hannigan wants to get back to her own time, preferably one that hasn’t been destroyed by an underworld plot brewing in Edwardian-era South Carolina. How hard can it be?
All she has to do is:

1. Learn to use newly acquired warping skills to bend time to her will.
2. Take out a few rogue vampires.
3. Join an ancient secret society.
4. Figure out who is putting the time stream in jeopardy.
5. Find and maim whoever invented the corset.

Sage never asked to be chosen by the Druid Priestess, Amerach, to become a Warper and she never asked to have the future hanging on her shoulders or to warp a hundred years into the past. She certainly never asked to meet Dr. Aldwin Blake, who would make her question her desire to get back to her own time. But if she fails her mission, people will die, history will change, and the present she wishes to return to will be no more.

My Review
Sage Hannigan’s (a name which I love by the way) day started like any other. She went to the used book store, but inside she was strangely drawn to a pendant. It called to her like nothing had before and she found herself buying it. Then as she left the store a strange old woman grabbed her arm and rambled about things that made no sense. Sage shook it off, but when she woke the next morning she found herself not just out of her apartment, but out of her own time. How had she traveled to 1904? What is a warper? And will she ever get home? I already knew that Peggy Martinez wrote some deliciously scary zombie novellas, sweet love stories, and weirdly fascinating supernatural mysteries. I know that she is a fantastic writer and I was not disappointed with the Time Warper series.  Sage started off as any book loving girl and was forced to become a warrior. She adapted quickly though and even enjoyed her time in the past. I enjoyed the characters in this story and I was so surprised at a few of them. This book is yet another one by Peggy Martinez that I highly recommend. I give it 4.5 stars and I can’t wait to dig in to the rest of this series!
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Three months after Sage Hannigan time warps a hundred years into the past and saves the future as we know it, she is still trying to come to grips with all the has gained…and all that she has lost.
All of her searching hasn’t turned up Cerberus Society or any creatures of the night and she’s beginning to wonder if she’s gone crazy after all. The only things keeping her grounded are her sparring sessions with Matt and her weekly ritual of scouring the city for low lives to kick the crap out of, and even that can’t keep her dreams free of the heartache and bitter sweet memories she has come to loathe and…to cherish.
When blasts from the past; good, bad, and evil, come knocking on her door, will she be able to do what she has to even if it means having her barely-healing heart ripped to shreds?

My Review:

Sage is back in her own time and her heart is broken. Her love is back in 1904 and she has to go on with her life without him. She finds a new job as a bouncer at a club and puts her bad ass warper skills to use. But what happens when she meets the club owner and suddenly the past catches up to her?
I love this continuation of Sage’s story. She’s hurting and her heartbreak is so present you can’t help but feel her pain. She’s got a new mission and she’s having to deal with having her heart torn in two. This is such a great series. I love the action and drama. This series reminds me of the Embrace series by Jessica Shirvington. I love it and I wonder why it isn’t more popular. Sage is my hero!
5 stars for Relativity book 2 in the Time Warper series!!
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***** This is a SHORT Novelette at 10,000 words (about 35 pages) and should be read AFTER Book #2 (Relativity) in the Sage Hannigan Time Warper series. *****
Brevity is written in Aldwin's point of view and meant to give readers an inside look into Aldwin's life and past.

My Review Brevity is a time warper novelette in the time warper series.  It gives a little back story for Aldwin. We find out more about how he came to be a part of Sage’s story and why he had to break her heart. I told Peggy after I finished Relativity that I was team Soren. She then said that I may change my mind after I read Aldwin’s story. Now I feel like team Switzerland. I can’t decide. They both love Sage and she loves them both too. ugh I just want to read Eventualtiy and find out what she decides!!! I did love this short story about Aldwin. Though it didn’t help me become totally team Aldwin, I did enjoy reading about his complicated situation with Milena. Brevity gets 5 stars from Paranormal Tendencies! 

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Coming soon!! 

Eventuality book 3 of the Sage Hannigan Time Warper Series

Peggy has agreed to let me share an exclusive excerpt from Eventuality! I'm very excited to share this with you!!!

Rest wasn’t a word in my vocabulary any longer, it hadn’t been for a very long time now. So when I found myself waking up from a deep sleep, in a sinfully comfortable bed and covered in silky sheets, I did what every time warper did when they found themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and with no sense of how much time had passed… I panicked. I flipped the hell out. My warping had evolved so much the last few weeks that even I didn’t know the boundaries of my own power.  One second I was sitting up with my heart hammering in my chest and the next I was across the room, trying to fling open the French doors to a small balcony before I even realized that I’d moved. Pure instinct had taken over and I moved like my life depended on it. Most of the time it did.

“It won’t open.”

I let out a mortifyingly girly yelp as I swung around, grabbing blindly behind me for something to use as a weapon. I raised a book above my head and prepared myself to beat someone senseless with the heavy tome. The vampire from the party, the one I’d been looking for, slid into my view. He must have been sitting in the shadows near the windows on the other side of the room.

“Perhaps you’d like to rethink braining me to death with the collective works of Tolstoy since it would be an awfully nonsensical way to die after you save me so heroically from a stake to the heart.”

I slowly lowered the book in my hand and pushed the crazy bed hair out of my face to see the vampire better. He looked so gravely serious when he spoke. Cold. He looked cold and distant. I glanced at the book in my hand and then down at myself. I was wearing a silk dressing robe. Not my silk dressing robe, mind you. I dropped the book on the desk and grabbed the edges of my gaping robe and drew it together, tightening the belt around my waist a little more securely.

“Where am I?” I asked roughly. My throat felt like brittle parchment paper. The vampire glided closer to the bed and picked up a pitcher and glass from the night stand.

“My apartments in Charleston,” he murmured as he poured a drink. He moved slowly toward me and held out the glass. It looked like water. I reluctantly moved closer and took the glass from him. I gulped down the contents gratefully.

“How long have I been here?” I asked softly after I’d emptied glass. I held the glass back out to the vampire. He stepped closer still and grasped the glass, his fingers intertwining with mine purposely. I only barely refrained from jerking back hastily. His eyes caught mine and I stood immobile and ensnared in his silent inquiry. I had no idea what he was looking for and I had no idea if I could protect any of my secrets from his penetrating glare, but I did know that this vampire was something I had never come across before. Something I had never fought before. Dangerous. After a seemingly never ending moment, the vampire stepped back.

“You have been here for two days.”

“It’s been two days since the party?” I asked.

“It has,” he answered brusquely.
Crap. I was so freaking fired. The night of the party came back to me in bits and pieces as I stood there. When I remembered the baby vampire going after my new vampire friend, what I had done finally hit me. The stake that had been meant for scary ancient vampire dude had stabbed me. The room spun very slightly and I put a hand out. Before I could blink, the vampire had me in his arms and laid back down gently on the bed. If I hadn’t been sure I had just been standing, I would have questioned if I’d even ever left the bed to begin with. No vampire I’d ever met had moved so quickly and effortlessly. He came close to rivaling my warping abilities.

Oh schnikies! I’d warped with the blood sucker in the room.
I groaned.

About Peggy Martinez

When not writing, Peggy can be found spending time at home with her husband, her teen son, and four little girls. She loves reading, writing, soap making, aromatherapy, gangster movies, prepping for the zombie apocalypse, and downing insane amounts of Twizzlers and Kazoozles.
As if being a wife and homeschooling mom of five doesn't keep her busy enough, Peggy Martinez is a full time Author who has six published books, including The Time Warper Series, State of Decay, and Unnatural Occurrence. Peggy's dream is to own a small homestead where she can raise some chickens along with her five kids, tend to a large garden, and one day take her dream vacation's to Ireland, Greece and Scotland.

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  2. I love Peggy Martinez and all her books!!!!!! Great reviews......I can't wait for Eventuality!!!!!