Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review - The Halfling by H.D. Gordon

Book Blurb:  

What do you get when you take a highly trained Halfling teenager and throw her into the concrete jungle of Grant City?

One badass vigilante, of course!

17-year-old Aria Fae is no stranger to danger. She’s super fast, incredibly strong, and on her own for the first time ever.

Throw in a brand new best friend who’s a computer genius, a mysterious and super-fly older neighbor, and a drug that’s turning people into maniacs, and you’ve got the potion for trouble.

Will Aria risk everything to keep the streets of Grant City safe, or will the beasts of the jungle make her their next meal?

My Review: This author is a total badass!! The Halfling is an excitement filled ride with laughter, a little love story, some equally super friends and, of course, some darkness. Because what hero doesn't have a bit of darkness in their past? H.D. Gordon has created a world right out of a D.C. comic book. Her city is in desperate need of saving, the hero is reluctant to do so and there are a couple of adorably nerdy sidekicks and friends. If you ask me it's just a recipe for awesomeness! And boy did I devour this story!
If you're a fan of the green arrow, batman, superman, or any other kick ass hero, you just might enjoy this book as much as I did. Can I give a book more than 5 stars? Why not? I give The Halfling 6 stars! Excuse me while I one click and gobble up book two....

About the Author:   H. D. Gordon is the author of young adult and adult fantasy/paranormal fiction. She has
independently sold over 40,000 e-copies of her books worldwide, and has an eclectic taste in genres.

H. D. is a poet, a mother, a philosopher and an earth-lover. She believes our actions have ripple effects, and in the sacred mission of bringing love and light to the world.

She loves big dreamers, animals, children, killing zombies, eating dessert and old souls.

She resides in southern New Jersey--which she insists is really quite lovely.

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