Monday, December 3, 2012

Release Me a new erotic novel by J. Kenner ~ Review

I know it's not a paranormal novel, but I love this author's other books so much (paranormal, fantasy, mystery, romance) that I just couldn't resist. Release Me hits shelves today! 1-1-13.

Nikki Fairchild has moved to Los Angeles to escape her past. Damien Stark is powerful, rich and devastatingly sexy. Their meeting at an art exhibit ignites a spark that neither can resist, but will both of their dark pasts keep them apart?

If you are looking for a fantastic erotic novel, look no further.  It is HOT! I had no trouble getting lost in this thrilling book. Nikki is the kind of woman to admire. Tough, smart, witty and genuinely likeable.

There are similarities to other popular erotic fiction novels out there, but I feel that the lead character in this story had so much more depth and didn't make me want to reach into the book to bitch slap her.  That fact alone set it apart from the rest and made it so much more enjoyable.

I enjoyed this book tremendously and I am eagerly awaiting the next. 

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Happy reading!!

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