Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chasing Terpsichore by Maggie Mitchell

When a goddess lands in modern times there’s bound to be trouble.

Banished from her home in Olympus and trapped in modern day Australia, Terpsichore does her best to fit in, but when she is mistaken for a prostitute she needs the services of straight- laced solicitor James Barrington to help.

James Barrington is a man on a fast track to a stellar legal career. Being involved with a pole dancing tango teacher is not part of the plan.

Together they fight a Titan rebel and a journey through the Underworld but can they find each other on the way?

My Review:
Corey teaches tango in her dance studio and dances in a cage to blow off steam. She may seem like a fiery redhead with a passion for dance, but she's really Terschipone the daughter of Zeus, muse of dance. She's been banished to live on earth by her jealous stepmother, but she's found that she enjoys being around humans and she likes the feelings they make her feel. Then she meets sexy NN. An uptight lawyer with no room in his life for a relationship of any kind. Though he tries to stay away from Corey, he can't help but get drawn in by her beauty and spirit. Soon he's fallen harder than her could imagine. And now he has to save her from Hades and he's in over his head!

This was a fun read. it wasn't terribly complicated or overly serious and it made a great weekend read! It was well written and I liked the characters. Their chemistry was hot! I wouldn't necessarily categorize this as paranormal. It was more of a contemporary fantasy novel. It was interesting for what it was and I enjoyed taking a break from the typical books I read. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes a good romance. Fun read! 4 stars!

About the author:

Maggie Mitchell lives in her dream place by the sea. Of course, sometimes she even gets the dreams written down in a story. Lucky for her she has a musician for a husband who understands the creative spirit. In her other life she teaches undergraduate university nursing students and designs eLearning courses for health organisations. Most days you’ll find her out on her balcony enjoying a glass of Moscato or a cappuccino made on her beloved espresso machine.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the book Mindy �� And thanks so much for having me and taking the time to review the book :-)