Thursday, September 25, 2014

Book Sale!! City of the Dead by Lucian Barnes only .99!!


Title: City of the Dead  
Series: Desolace Series
Book in series: Book 4
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
Author: Lucian Barnes
Cover Artist: Katie Cowan
Editor: Melissa Ringsted of There For You Editing Services


Upon their return from the post-apocalyptic realm of future Earth, Edward and the remaining members of his group destroy the portal to keep a never-ending flood of zombies from wreaking havoc on Desolace. They are reunited with their ghostly friend, Amber, but have no weapons or supplies and are forced to return to the town of Loknar to seek help. After enlisting the aid of the town guard, and their new friend, Jasper, Edward leads the group toward his home town, the city of Elysia. When they arrive, Edward is saddened to see his once great city has been decimated. The lone surviving elder speaks to Edward of an incursion by the forces of darkness, which seems bent on completely destroying the largest city upon Desolace. Sending Edward and his faithful followers on a mission to the south, they soon discover a small town, seemingly forgotten and uninhabited for a very long time. Was it the work of the Black Knight and his minions which has left the city streets littered with corpses? If so, will they be able to stop his madness before it consumes Elysia and everything Edward holds dear to his heart?

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Author Bio

Lucian began his writing career late in 2010, but has spent most of his life writing stories. He is a fantasy/horror novelist that enjoys weaving aspects of the paranormal into each story. Lucian's first published works were released in 2012. His last book, the fifth in the Desolace Series, Cemetery Hill, will have a portion of its sales donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. His next novel, a futuristic horror titled EL-204, is scheduled to release in October 2014. Lucian lives in Pueblo, Colorado.

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