Sunday, October 20, 2013

Haunting Lia by Shannon Eckrich

Death is her destiny. But she has other things in mind.

Lia Starr’s life isn’t a fairytale. It’s a reality overflowing with scary monsters, death, and betrayal—a past she left behind when she entered her new foster home. Now, with a loving family, a sister she’s always craved, and relief from the gruesome corpses that tormented her as a child, she’s finally content. Until a freak accident changes everything.

The monsters are back, and their mission is simple: drag Lia straight to their murky hell. When Aiden, an apparition, appears to Lia, she has hope once again. Because Aiden can cross the veil between the spirit world and the earthly dimension, physically fighting off the monsters and sending them back. With Aiden’s determination to keep her safe and his absorbing blue eyes, Lia can’t help falling in love with him. But who is he, and what does he really want? As Lia and Aiden’s relationship deepens, so does the mystery surrounding him.

Once Lia finds out Aiden has traded his soul to save her, she enters the darker dimension, a dimension where nightmares are reality, ready to kick some serious butt. But surrounded by twenty-eight mutilated monsters and a deranged cult leader intent on bringing his dark world to the surface, isn’t what Lia expects. And even worse, she must face her traumatic past in order to destroy them. If she fails, not only will she lose the guy she loves and face certain death, but she will also risk the one thing she can’t afford to lose: her eternal soul.

My Review
 This book had me hooked from the first page. Lia is finally happy again. She has a loving foster family and a sister that she would do anything for. One random car accident takes away her sister and shatters her life.  But losing her sister isn't the only thing that happens the night of the accident. That night she starts to see the shadows again. She doesn't know what they are, but she does know they are pure evil and they want her. Lia has been able to see the shadows her whole life. They have haunted her and terrified her and caused her a lot of grief. Soon after her accident Lia meets up with Aiden who is a spirit (though not dead) that helps keep the shadows away. He helps her through her grief and helps her as she finds out the truth about her past and who she really is.

I really enjoyed this story. It was one heart-stopping scare after another with a little mystery wrapped in a romance. I loved Lia. I was able to really feel her pain and suffer with her when she lost her sister. I was able to feel her developing feelings for Aiden and share in the happiness he brought her. I so desperately wanted her to get her answers and solve the mystery. I love it when an author can make you feel like you're watching a movie pay out in your head. When everything is so vivid and they story captivates me to the last page. This story did all that. It was a fantastic read and I give it 5 stars! I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance, mystery, and paranormal/horror.

About the Author

Born and raised in Delaware, Shannon Eckrich lives with her husband, two children, and chocolate lab, Chewy, along with her newest addition, Taylor, a spunky little kitty who loves to terrorize her while she's writing.
Shannon's second love is the paranormal. Ghosts, angels, vampires, aliens, immortals, it doesn't matter, she's obsessed with it all, which is why she's compelled to write stories in the paranormal genre.

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